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Tech Facts 05

Tech Facts #05

Amazing tech facts about Computer and operating system.

Tech Facts five amazing technology Facts
Tech Facts 05

1. Across all devices, Google’s Android operating system is the most common. This includes tablets, phones, and laptops.

2. Desktop and laptop computers, the most common OS to have is Windows 7. This accounts for 60% of the computer market.

3. Only 2.9% of the world’s computers run Windows 8.

4. Among laptop and desktop users, only 4.54% use Mac OS X 10.

5. Windows 10 is the most common Apple operating system.

6. Apple dominates the tablet world thought.About 65% of the tablet share around the world.

7. Blackberry is installed as an OS on tablets.Less than 1% of all tablets.

8. Around 1/3 of all devices being shipped around the world don’t run Windows, Apple, or Android.

9. Over ½ of all mobile phones run an Android OS. 51%, to be exact.

10. Microsoft has a cringe worthy share of only 2% of the market share in mobile OS’s.

11. Most Samsung phones have an Android OS.

12. Symbian phones are almost nonexistent at this point. Symbian was an OS that was started up by the Nokia phone company a couple of years back.

13. In 2011, symbian had about 20% of the total market share. Now, they only hold 0.2% of the market share.

14. Almost 2% of people who own laptops run Linux.

15. 0.1% of all people still run Windows 3.1. This is the operating system before Windows 95


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