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Top 15 indian bloggers, profile and monthly earning

Top 15 indian bloggers, profile and monthly earning

Do you know in India, every single one of those bloggers who is making lakhs of rupees month to month?
Well! If you know them, by then you can in like manner get propelled and benefit online through blogging. Here a referring article for Top 15 Indian bloggers and his Earning. These bloggers are no superheroes. They are customary people like you and me who are benefiting simply through blogging.
Top 15 india bloggers profile and monthly earning
Top 15 india bloggers profile and monthly earning
Here i am will discuss the fundamental 15 Top Indian bloggers who are benefiting month to month. The benefit I determined here are either taken from different sources, their online diaries or is the estimation. In any case, the salary is close to their genuine benefit.

1. Amit Agarwal
Amit Agarwal is the pioneer of Indian blogging. Today, he is the main tech blogger in India. He is absolutely interesting and nobody can resemble him.

A previous IITian, until the point that 2004 he used to work in the USA in Goldman Sachs. He intended to stop his normal employment and begin a tech blog called Labnol.
It was an immense achievement soon after a couple of long periods of propelling.

Following a couple of months, he was making in any event INR 10,00,000/ - every month. Truly 10 lakhs for every month. Following a couple of long periods of posting blog entries on innovation, he presently makes around INR 20,00,000/ - to INR 30,00,000/ - every month.
He is the best blogger in India. Presently he is additionally a socialist at divider road diary.
Professional blogger
  • Name: Amit Agarwal
  • Blog:
  • Evaluated Earnings: $60,000 every month = INR 30,00,000/ - .
  • Salary Channel: Adsense, Paid Advertisement and Affiliate Income and so on.
  • World Ranking by Alexa: 2183.

2.Harsh Agarwal
Harsh is a New Delhi based extremely youthful and sprouting blogger.
He thoroughly typifies the youthful Indian who is free and has enough cash to make the most of his life. 1 year back he acquired a Swift diesel auto from his blogging cash.
Prior he used to work at a product organization called Converges.

He quit his activity from that point and began blogging.
Harsh Blog is about, electronic life, blogging, word press, SEO and so forth.

His blog hollers me crazy was incited in September of 2008. The blog is so far running and getting more guests especially masterminded.
Professional blogger
  • His pay for June 2012 was around $6,000+. Really, he showed his remuneration on his site.
  • Blog :
  • World Ranking by Alexa: 4,948
  • Harsh Agarwal a Funky Blogger.

3. Faisal Farooqui
MouthShut isn't precisely a blogging web page yet a purchaser research and administrations online interface. The originator of mouth close is Faisal Farooqui. He got his instruction from the University of New York Binghamton.

He as often as possible goes among USA and India.
The mouth close online interface is a gigantic achievement and making a huge number of dollar consistently. Well!

One can't foresee the correct wage created by the site. Be that as it may, we can tell, a group of experts runs this online interface. In this way, it resembles a little organization.
Salary of mouth close is unquestionably in a huge number of dollars every year.
Professional blogger
  • Name: Faisal Farooqui
  • Assessed Earnings: $2 million to $3 million every year.
  • Pay Channel: From promotion positions, subsidiary deals and premium participation and so on.
  • World Ranking by Alexa: 3,404.

3. Amit Bhawani
Amit Bhawani is a blogger who began his blog in 2007. His blog is about innovation and contraptions. He used to expound on phones, tablets and tech news from around the globe.
His most extreme pay from his blog was around $25,000 every month. That would be more than Rs 700,000/ - every month. He used to get around 35,000 guests for each day. His blog was exceptionally prominent.

His different renowned online journals incorporate name like
Be that as it may, from the recent year he isn't blogging on his primary blog since he has moved to another level.

Presently, he runs an organization that offers computerized arrangements in his home city of Hyderabad. Here is one of his salary report of June 2010.
He can be a motivation to every single youthful blogger.
Professional blogger
  • Name: Amit Bhawani
  • Blog:
  • Assessed Earnings: Around $25,000/month = Rs 700, 000/ -
  • Wage Channel: Mainly Adsense, Ads organize
  • World Ranking by Alexa: Around 4,000 to 5.000 – Now it has fallen on the grounds that he isn't composing consistently.

5. Srinivas Tamada
Srinivas Tamada is a Chennai based blogger. His blog is tied in with programming, Ajax, PHP, and other page arranging point of view. In this manner, the blog is for individuals that are more particular rather a non-able.

His blog is and astoundingly evident among originator and programming engineer make. Srinivas is 20+ and profiting from his blog.

Regardless of the way that, he has not uncovered his pay but rather as showed up by my figure he benefits identifying with Harsh Agarwal, if not more.

His compensation could be someplace at the level of $4,000 to $ 7,000 constantly including all channels.
Professional blogger
  • Name: Srinivas Tamada
  • Blog:
  • Evaluated Earnings: $4,000 to $7,000 constantly = Rs. 200,000/ - to Rs 350,000/ -
  • Pay Channel: Adsense, Direct Ads, Affiliates
  • World Ranking by Alexa: 7,933

6. Shraddha sharma
YourStory was started in October by Shradha Sharma. Shraddha goes ahead with her life in stories. Furthermore, confides in every story is uncommon and every story matters.

In 2015, she was picked in the summary of 500 LinkedIn Influences over the world. Also in 2015 (March), Sharma got the L'Oreal Paris Famine Award for Online Influence.

Since its introduction, YourStory has profiled records of in excess of 15,000 business visionaries and has given business sorting out opportunities to in excess of 50,000 representatives by methods for our social affairs and meet ups.

YourStory's site associates with 5 million forte peruse rs from India and over the world.
Professional blogger
  • Blog Name:
  • Alexa India Rank: 202
  • Blog Niche: Entrepreneur
  • Wage Channel: Adsense, Paid Advertising and Affiliate Income

7. Ashish Sinha
Started as, they are at present, and looking and speaking with the world at their terms and in their way.

NextBigWhat is the most hopeful game plan around covering advancement new organizations all around and basically relate overall agents with each other.

To the degree their middle is concerned, they continue covering a lot of India specific new organizations and electronic media news, yet foresee that they will storm the overall field with the same red-looked toward vitality as they have been covering the Indian natural network.

Their readership is on a very basic level made bankrupt visionaries, VCs, Geeks, Techies, Business Grads et cetera.
Professional blogger
  • Blog Name:
  • Alexa India Rank: 900
  • Blog Niche: Entrepreneurship, Business
  • Wage Channel: Adsense, Paid Advertising and Affiliate Income

8. Varun Krishnan
FoneArena is one of the standard hot spots for adaptable clients and advancement darlings from over the globe.

The creation attempts to pass on all the latest news and updates from the universe of phones. Besides uncovering the step by step estimation of highlights, they moreover house one of the best and distinct phones and tablets database on the World Wide Web.

An irrefutable establishment of FoneArena would mean they would need to take care of business back to March 2005. As far back as then, they have been a one-stop site for everything convenient.

They were respected with the convincing contraption blog on the planet allow and were referred to as the most common telecom website page in India in the year 2009.
Professional blogger
  • Blog Name:
  • Alexa India Rank: 497
  • Blog Niche:
  • Wage Channel: Adsense, Paid Advertising and Affiliate Income

9. Jaspal Singh
Jaspal Singh runs a blog named In spite of the fact that, we know next to no about his own life. Be that as it may, he is a mechanical designer who adores going to exercise center.

His blog is about programming, web tips and innovation news. He could be winning anything from $3,000 to $4,000 every month.

He can be a motivation for youthful school graduates who need to wind up a blogger.
Professional blogger
  • Name: Jaspal Singh
  • Blog:
  • Evaluated Earnings: $3,000 to $4,000 = Rs 200,000/ - to Rs 250,000/ -
  • Wage Channel: Adsense, Paid Ads, Affiliate and so forth
  • World Ranking: 12,679

10. Imaran uddin
Imran Uddin is the originator of Alltechbuzz.NET and directing in excess of 100+ diverse online diaries, locales and organizations. He was considered on September fifteenth, 1993 in Andhra Pradesh, India. He was a Pro Blogger from Hyderabad and Professional SEO Consultant.

He has started organizing courses workshop. Also started a readiness program for learners to empower them to benefit on the web.

He moreover started a Pvt. Ltd association named All Tech Media which offers Web Development, Blogging, and SEO related Services. His essential maxim ahead is to build up his association ordinary as much as I can.
Professional blogger
  • Name: Imran Uddin
  • Site:
  • Ordinary Monthly development: 500k+
  • Ordinary Monthly Income: His yearly compensation reports conveyed on his site, you can watch out for his site.
  • Alexa Rank:416,137
  • Pay Ways: Adsense, Sponsored Ads and Auxiliary marketing

11. S. Pradeep Kumar
Request Bound Bloggers (HBB) is delivered by S. Pradeep Kumar, who is again Chennai based blogger. He additionally maker of a system called Slashsquare. He learned at SMK Fomra Institute of Technology.

His blog is about Social media, movement and blogging tips. Pradeep is astoundingly vigorous and liberal individual. He is explored by a massive number of individuals all around asked for from around the globe.

His blog may get around 5,000 to 10,000 perspectives day by day. The conditional month to month pay of Pradeep is around $4,000 to $5,000 every month.
Professional blogger
  • Name: S. Pradeep Kumar
  • Blog:
  • Evaluated Earnings: $4,000 to $5,000 every month = Rs 300,000/ - to Rs 350,000/ -
  • Wage Channel: Paid Advertisements, Affiliates, Adsense and so on
  • World Ranking by Alexa: 11,083

12. Arun Prabhudesai
Arun is a Pune based blogger who began blogging in April 2007. His blog is essentially a business and an innovation blog. He gives data about new businesses, money-related news, And Stock market and so on.

He returned from the USA to begin this blog since he adores Pune city. His acquiring could be anything between $3,000 to $4,000.
Aside from blogging he has an extraordinary love for photography.

He likewise loves to peruse different bloggers like Anil Dash, Amit Agarwal and so forth. He is additionally a maturing business person who is certain about the eventual fate of India.
Professional blogger
  • Name: Arun Prabhudesai
  • Blog:
  • Evaluated Earnings: $3,000 to $4,000 = Rs 200,000/ - to Rs 250,000/ -
  • Wage Channel: Adsense, Paid Ads and so forth
  • World Ranking by Alexa: 12,637

13. Raju PP
Raju has a place with my city, Bangalore. He is an electronic designing alumnus. He worked in Infosys as a Technical expert. He runs a blog called Technically Personal. was propelled in 2008.

His blog is essentially about innovation, online apparatuses, web applications and so forth. Raju is an incredible speaker and he talks at numerous tech course or meetings.
He makes around $3,000 to $4,000 every month.
Professional blogger
  • Name: Raju PP
  • Blog:
  • Evaluated Earnings: $3,000 to $4,000 every month = Rs 200,000/ - to Rs 300,000/ -
  • Wage Channel: Adsense, Advertisements
  • World Ranking by Alexa: 16,309

14. Rahul Bansal
Rahul Bansal is from Pune like Arun Prabhudesai. Rahul is in PC designing and now a full-time blogger in addition to a business visionary.

His blog is villains workshop. He began his blog in June 2006 and expounds on the Internet and innovation. To run his blog he has a couple of bloggers with him. His evaluated profit could be $3,000 to $3,500 every month.
Professional blogger
  • Name: Rahul Bansal
  • Blog:
  • Assessed Earnings: $3,000 to $3500 every month = Rs 150,000/ - to Rs 200,000/ -
  • Wage Channel: Adsense, Advertisements
  • World Ranking by Alexa: 20,223

15. Shivya Nath
While ceasing their solid jobs and heading out to their dream objectives is la-la-land thinking for a large number of individuals, Shivya Nath extremely made that gift from paradise.

She calls the road her home and resources all her development through the money she makes blogging. Among her various respects is Best Indian Travel Blogger allowed by Vogue India in 2015.

Nath has similarly started India Untraveled, an association that empowers voyagers to discover peculiar objectives in India and engages careful tourism.
Professional blogger
  • Name: Shivya Nath
  • Site:
  • Ordinary Monthly development: 90k+
  • Ordinary Monthly Income:5,000$+
  • Alexa Rank:416,137

Last Words : Well! At long last, I would state there could be different bloggers in India who are profiting that I didn't say. As per my data, these are Top 15 Indian bloggers. In the event that you need to recommend another blogger who isn't in the rundown, you can write in the remark with the goal that I can incorporate them in my next article.

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